A new leak suggests iPhone 15 Pro Max will use the same main camera and display tech as the iPhone 14 Pro Max


If you’ve been following the rumors lately, you undoubtedly already know that one of the most significant advancements for the iPhone 15 Pro Max has been the new main camera, which is reportedly based on the Sony IMX903, 1″ sensor. The iPhone 15 will reportedly retain the same IMX803, 48MP 1/1.28″ Quad-Bayer camera that the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max already have, according to the most recent industry insider rumor.

This is somewhat disappointing, as is the rumor that the iPhone 15 Pro Max will continue to use the M12 OLED panel technology that it does in the current model. Without a doubt, it is a fantastic panel based on our tests, but customers evidently shouldn’t anticipate any outrageously high brightness levels or anything similar.

Although, according to recent reports, the new phone will be slightly shorter at 159.8 mm, as opposed to the iPhone 14 Pro Max’s 160.7 mm, and slightly narrower at 76.7 mm, as opposed to 77.6 mm. As a result, the display on the iPhone 15 Pro Max might not be exactly the same size as the one on the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

As for expected new additions on the iPhone 15 Pro Max, there is the much-discussed periscope telephoto camera, which will allegedly be exclusive to the iPhone 15 Pro Max and not the regular Pro and will offer 6x optical magnification.

We also expect the iPhone 15 family, including the Pro Max, to come with a USB Type-C port. A new Apple A17 Bionic made on a 3nm mode is also expected and so is 8GB of LPDDR5 RAM.

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