Apple launches new iPad Pro models with M2 chips with little fanfare


It feels like yesterday that Apple unveiled the iPhone 14 series. However, the company secretly introduced some new iPads today in the shape of 2022 iPad Pro versions. Instead of holding a traditional launch event, the Cupertino business sent a press statement.

Given the lack of excitement surrounding these new tablets, this was most certainly a wise decision. The 2022 iPad Pro models resemble the previous generation, with the same sizes and similar specifications. The M2 CPU, which is more powerful than the M1 in the 2021 iPads in the same price range, is the only significant update.

Thankfully, Apple did not change the pricing this time. The Wi-Fi-only variant with 128GB of internal storage starts at $799 for the 11-inch Pro-level iPad. The similarly equipped variant with LTE starts at $999. Meanwhile, if you simply need Wi-Fi and 128GB of storage, the 12.9-inch iPad Pro starts at $1,099 USD. If you want to add LTE to the mix, you’ll have to pay $1,299. If you wish to add more storage, the price certainly rises.

You may order your new iPad now, but it won’t be available in stores until October 26.

These new iPads will be the first to use iPadOS 16. Stage Manager, full external display compatibility, and Reference Mode are all included in this release. If you don’t want a new iPad, don’t worry: iPadOS 16 will be available on October 24 for iPad (5th generation and later), iPad Mini (5th generation and later), iPad Air (3rd generation and later), and all previous iPad Pro models.

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