Google Pixel Fold’s internal display supports 120Hz and 1200 nits of peak brightness


In an exclusive report from 91Mobiles, developer Kuba Wojciechowscki revealed a new set of specifications for the future foldable Pixel gadget. The Google Pixel Fold (codenamed “Felix”) will have twin displays (internal and external), both of which will be made by Samsung.

The internal display will have a resolution of 1840 x 2208 (5:6 aspect ratio) and be 123mm x 148mm in size. After brushing up on my geometry to compute the display’s hypotenuse diagonal dimension (192.44 mm), I concluded that it measures 7.58 inches diagonally.

The internal display, according to Wojciechowski, would have a peak brightness of 1200 nits and an average brightness of 800 nits. Although there is no guarantee from the source, they suggest the display may support a refresh rate of 120Hz.
The Felix’s triple camera hardware, which includes a 64MP IMX787 primary camera, a 12MP IMX386 ultrawide camera, and a 10.8MP S5K3J1 telephoto shooter, was previously revealed by the same developer. On the interior screen, there’s also an 8MP IMX355 selfie camera, as well as another S5K3J1 for the exterior selfie camera.

The term “Felix” refers to a second foldable device from Google. Google was supposed to be releasing a foldable in late-2021, but then canceled the plans and must have begun work on its successor. The first Pixel foldable was said to include more cameras (the same as the Pixel 5) and a 7.6-inch internal display.

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