Top 5 iOS 16.4 Features Coming This Week For iPhone Users


This week is likely to bring the release of the new iOS 16 version upgrade, and iPhone users are anticipating the addition of new capabilities to their devices. People have been experimenting with the iOS 16.4 beta version for a few weeks, letting the business work out bugs and other problems.

With the release of iOS 16.4 to the general public just around the corner, we have made the decision to rank the top 5 additions that we believe will improve the user experience for iPhone customers with their iPhone 8 or later models as well as expand its feature set in the coming weeks.


Web Apps Alerts On iPhones

With the iOS 16.4 version and the Safari browser, iPhone users will receive notifications from web apps. The functionality is comparable to how app notifications operate. But, if the user saves the web app to their home screen, the web app alerts will function.

Easy Beta Sign Ups

Apple wants to make it easier to sign up for iPhone beta upgrades. A new Beta Updates menu will be added to the main Settings menu in iOS 16.4. The beta profile must currently be downloaded through the Apple Developer website, but that will soon be possible with only a few taps on an iPhone. For people who sign up for the beta program and use the same ID on the iPhone, the corporation will permit this capability.


After this update for iPhones, Apple will assist you in deleting duplicate photos and videos from the iCloud Shared Picture library. There are situations when you wind up copying the file name from photographs. Duplicate files can be difficult to delete under such circumstances. According to Apple, the iOS 16.4 update makes the removal process simple.


There will be a tonne of new features in the upcoming iOS release, but the Voice Isolation technology has attracted our attention. Since last year, Apple has offered this functionality for FaceTime conversations; eventually, all iPhone calls will also enable it.

Apple had previously only enabled the feature for calls conducted using FaceTime apps, but soon even calls made over cellular networks will operate. Voice isolation technology, according to Apple, is useful in reducing background noise while you are on a call, improving voice quality.

New-Look Home App Setup

The success of Apple’s home app is dependent on its concentration on the smart home market. The iOS 16.4 update for iPhone users will include the updated version of the Home app, which promises improved speed and a better method to manage smart home devices.

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