Xiaomi cutout like Apple dynamic island: Xiaomi president quizzes users

Image credit: geekville

Users have been questioned by Xiaomi China President Lu Weibing about whether they would want to see “smart island” capabilities implemented on the company’s mobile devices, like how Apple has done with its most recent iPhone Pro models. The Cupertino company’s most recent smartphones, dubbed the “Dynamic Island,” swap out the display notch with a pill-shaped cutout that can expand to show notification icons or provide other information from running programs. Since the functionality depends on software to provide the extra information surrounding the camera cutout, it may appear on smartphones made by other companies.

In a response to a user’s comment on a Weibo post over the weekend, Xiaomi China President Lu Weibing questioned whether consumers would “need a Smart Island” on the company’s smartphone. Weibing was responding to a user who expressed excitement for the K60 universe while also requesting Smart Island’s permission (translated from Chinese). Including the rumored Redmi K60, Xiaomi has yet to declare any intentions to include this capability in any of its products.

The new camera and Face ID cutout are used by Apple’s “Dynamic Island” system, which was unveiled at its “Far out” event and included on the latest iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, to show notifications, pop-ups, and application alerts.

But, the company’s distinctive strategy is to give the display cutout actual usefulness. By employing animations that make Dynamic Island look larger and allow users to interact with it, it integrates the cutout with the rest of the user interface. The functionality would enable users to view Live Activities from the top of their screen without switching between programs, the firm added.

Users’ responses to Weibing’s statement on the repurposing of the display cutout have been divided.

It looks like Android developers will follow suit if earlier claims are to be trusted. One of the most imitated aspects of the year is predicted to be the novel approach to the front display notch. An MIUI theme developer reportedly published a Dynamic Island-inspired function for Xiaomi phones, according to Gizmochina. There is no information, but, on whether the business intends to include such a function in its next smartphones.

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