why didn’t anyone tell me about new apple screenshot feature?

screenshot on iphone

Why didn’t anyone tell me about this? I have the same thought as a TikTok creator who discovered a secret technique to make the scribbles on your screenshots much neater.

In a video this week on TikTok, Ramal Media demonstrated how you can quickly hold down on scribbles you make on iPhone screenshots to make circles look beautiful or arrows look like true arrows instead of a jumble.

In actuality, most forms function in this situation. Simply draw squares, rectangles, or even triangles in a haphazard manner and then hold down to see magic happen if you’re a fan of such shapes.

I’m not sure when Apple introduced this to the screenshot tool, but at the very least, iOS 15 has it. Since a few years ago, the Notes app has also offered a similar approach.

I feel foolish for not realizing this, but the iOS screenshot tool is packed with clever, obscure tactics. If you’re using Safari, you can take a snapshot of a whole webpage and save it as a PDF.

You may also use a magnifier to highlight a specific area of a screenshot by lowering the opacity all around it.

If you think iOS’ screenshot feature is packed with useful features, check out the home screen or even iPadOS.

Apple frequently conceals valuable features behind touch motions, but once you know they exist, you’ll always be amazed.

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