Google goes on the AI offensive with a new and improved Bard

google bard

Google has made its chatbot available in 180 countries with a slew of new features

After conducting testing for several weeks during which it was alleged that it lagged behind the competition, Google has unveiled a new and improved Bard and made it accessible to anybody in more than 180 countries. The re-launch of Bard, which includes a number of new AI-based features and improvements to its core offerings, is the next development in the AI arms race between Google, OpenAI, and Microsoft. Google has already made promises to change the internet world as we know it, even if the majority of them are not yet available.

“It’s been a very busy year for AI,” Google CEO Sundar Pichai remarked at the outset of the company’s annual Google I/O developer conference last week, where numerous announcements were made. We are at a pivotal moment that is thrilling. We have the chance to improve AI even further. All of our key products are redesigning around AI.

Dall-E and ChatGPT, two well-known tools from OpenAI, are considered as being the two most important generative AI products ever created. Dall-E, or at least the version that is accessible to the general public, is already regarded as outdated and underwhelming in comparison to picture generators like Midjourney that deliver noticeably better outcomes. Additionally, Google has a lot of experience with huge language models and has produced some extremely spectacular outcomes, at least internally. How outstanding? A Google employee was so taken with the language capabilities of the company’s big language model (LLM) LaMDA that he thought it was gaining awareness last June.

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