OnePlus 11 Jupiter Rock Edition launching on March 29


The OnePlus 11 Jupiter Rock Edition, which is based on the OnePlus 11 but will feature a distinctive 3D microcrystalline back finish inspired by the rock minerals found on Jupiter’s rings, received its first round of teasers last week. The handset will go on sale in China on March 29 at 2:30 PM Beijing time, according to OnePlus China.

On its Weibo profile, OnePlus also posted some information regarding the gadget. With the unique back material, OnePlus had to set up a new, self-developed production line, which required an additional year of R&D. According to reports, the new back material yield rate is 50% higher than that of smartphones with glass backs, and each new OnePlus 11 Rock Edition phone has a unique pattern. Also, each Jupiter Rock Edition phone comes in unique packaging.

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